Psalm 8 – 12

Some of the themes that stood out to me reading Psalms 8 – 12 are ideas of Gods great creations, judgment of our enemies and the faithful’s ultimate triumph over the wicked with God’s righteousness.  In Psalm 8, the author speaks of Gods greatness, the majesty and wonder of his creations while also reflecting on mankind’s place in the world. He speaks of the wonders of the heavens, the moon and the stars as well as of the greatness of the earth and everything God has provided us.  There is a sense that this is an honour God has bestowed on mankind, that we are made “a little lower than the angels” and are the caretakers of the world. 

The subjects of Psalms 9 – 12 take on a different tone. The author writes in pretty stark terms of Gods judgment for the wicked and the enemies of the faithful.  But one of the things that struck me is that there was also a focus on the fact that while we may suffer at the hands of our enemies or the wicked, God hears us, God sees our pain and does not forget about us. Some may be treacherous, but Gods love and righteousness is forever constant. In modern terms, if you think about enemies and wicked more broadly as problems in our lives, as difficulties, oppression or grief that we suffer through, as long as we have faith and trust in Him, God is our refuge and will always be with us.