Psalm 13 – 18

Psalm 13 (NIV)

A psalm of David

v.1 How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever?

How long will you hide your face from me?

Sometimes we think God has forgotten us and we cannot “feel” Him around us. North American or western Christians often question, “Are you there? Are you real?” We often want the instant ‘NOW’ of everything and to experience the warm fuzzy feelings of God’s love. We do not want to suffer. 

Not David. David asks “How long?” He does not doubt that God exists, he just wonders how long God will seemingly forget about him and leave him to wrestle with his thoughts.  As believers, we all will, and do, suffer. We are not to lament, “Why me?” or “Poor me”, but it is a question of “How long?” It will end. It did for Jesus and He stayed on the cross to conquer the enemy, BUT He rose from the dead. We will too. This can seem harsh, but sometimes our suffering may end in death, but if it does and we know Jesus personally, then we win. We will be with Him. If we get to stay around longer, then great.

Mostly this Psalm appears to be about thought troubles. What we think, can take over our confidence in ‘Who’ we believe and ‘Who’ we know and ‘Who’ is in charge. When we let our thoughts rule, then yup, the enemy will more than likely have a field day with our thoughts and start condemning us, and telling us all kinds of lies, leading to sorrow in our hearts. The enemy will continue to triumph over us as long as we let him. 

David ends the Psalm by giving the remedy for getting the enemy off his back. He trusts in God’s never ending love, he rejoices in the salvation that has been given to him and he sings praise to the Lord. Why? Because he remembers and knows, that God has been good to him in the past and is now and always will be good.

Psalm 14  (NIV)

Of David.

Many people today say not only in their heart but also, out loud, “there is no God”. They cannot touch Him or see Him and so they think He is not there. God sees His creation and looks for anyone who seeks Him or understands Him. None! Nada! As it says in Romans 3:23, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Thanks be to God that He did not give up on us and He did send Jesus to be our salvation.  We only do good because of the generous loving Holy Spirit who lives inside of us, that we can welcome more fully into our lives every day. May we keep reading the Word, the Truth and then do what it says and walk in His ways with Him. 

Psalm 15

Who may dwell in your sanctuary and not be shaken?

Those who…

  • walk blamelessly, speaking the truth inside and out
  • do not backbite with their tongue
  • do not do anything wrong to their neighbour
  • honour those who fear the Lord 
  • keep promises even when it hurts
  • lend money without interest and does not take a bribe against the innocent

Psalm 16

Without The Lord in my life, I have nothing good. He is my all in all. Running after all the other stuff in life increases sorrow in life. We have all been given a certain portion, a secure lot and boundary lines have been drawn and if we stay within them, there are pleasant and we will have a delightful inheritance. It is comforting to know that God is in charge and control even though it may not feel or even look like it. When we remember to praise Him and keep Him close in our mind life is way better. Filled with joy, on a good path of life, not to be abandoned; these are some of the good things found in this Psalm. Enjoy the read.

Psalm 17

Call out and pour everything out to God and He will listen and then you, like David, the praying one, gets comforted.

Psalm 18

David calls out to God and is delivered from the hands of his enemies and Saul. We can do the same. Much of the imagery expressed in this Psalm can be transferred to today as we live with all the woes we feel and see in life. They take on earthly appearances like blazing coal, thunder, trembling earth, exposed valleys, blast of breath etc. Then God swoops in and rescues and brings us into spacious places and He delights in us. We are equipped and trained, ready for the battle of daily living, strengthened to do whatever comes our way. He even makes the way easier so we do not walk in ruts and twist our ankles. (v.36). All this comes from praising and trusting in the God who made us, loves us and wants all the best for us even when the going gets rougher, because He is always with us.