Psalm 59 – 64

These are all psalms of David and show his complete reliance on God. “Deliver, Defend, Save, Hide me” – he prays. Extreme wickedness assails him even though he has done no wrong. He says, “God will laugh at them and I will sing of His mercy toward the righteous. In Psalm 60, God has scattered his people and waits for their prayers and pleads for Him to return – He does with mercy and helps them. Psalm 61 is an intimate, absolute trusting humble prayer to Almighty God, which we can and should use today for we have many enemies against the right hand of God and against His people. Psalm 62, David delights in praising God for defence, salvation – coming alongside – being the Refuge, the Deliverer who never fails. Psalm 63 is praise and glory for God as only David can present it. Psalm 64, David suggests the enemy should come under the chastisement of God’s hand. THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE GLAD IN THE LORD AND SHALL TRUST HIM AND ALL THE UPRIGHT IN HEART… SHALL REJOICE.