Psalm 69 – 71

The author of Psalm 69 is in terrible suffering – spiritually and emotionally and socially (he is being made fun of) and apparently, physically too. But he turns to God for help. Where do we turn for help? If we are pretty comfortable, can we offer practical help to someone else? Sometimes we can be the people that God can use to help others, in answer to their prayers.

The author of Psalm 70 seems impatient that God isn’t acting quickly enough. We live in a society of hurry, hurry, hurry. Sometimes I think God has something to teach us when we have to slow down and wait.

The psalmist of Psalm 71 is being hassled by some enemies. Most of us would like to think we don’t have enemies, but forces against us can come in different forms, like temptations or struggles. The psalmist has depended on God consistently through his life, when he was young and old. Do we depend on God consistently, or do we sometimes get distracted by every day life or other attractions?