Psalm 72 – 73

Psalm 72

In this Psalm, Solomon is asking for abilities for a king to rule with fair justice, justice to the poor, righteousness to the people, to save the children and break the oppressor, in the shadow of the mountains that can bring peace, comfort, safety and protection.  He foretells of a greater reign, the son of David, greater than Solomon, even kings will bow to him. A Messiah rules where justice and righteousness is fulfilled, there is no oppression or violence and the poor and needy will be precious. His name will endure forever, the King of Kings.  The earth will be filled with glory.

This Psalm is a prayer for and prediction of good things to come.

Psalm 73

In this Psalm, Asaph is envious of people who appear to be far more prosperous and successful than he, but he also realizes that they are also corrupt and wicked.  He asks: if God is good then why do the wicked prosper? and surmises that they become more wicked because God doesn’t punish them. But Asaph will put his trust in God.  He understands that those corrupt people are farther away from God and one day will be judged. Asaph is with God, God will guide him and is his strength. Asaph will look forward to the love and the good he will find in heaven.   

This Psalm directs us to have faith and trust in God; days may be tough here now, other people may appear to be on ‘easy street’ but as long as we maintain our relationship with God, we will be with Him in Heaven.