Psalm 90 -94

God has seen us from the beginning of time and has created us.  Yet each day we live, is a speck in eternity, as the bullet trains of yesterdays, zip by under our feet, as we stand on the overpass of today’s victories and losses, work and fun, hope and despair.  With God’s wrath and love ever so gently nudging us to cross over the bridge to tomorrow, today with Him, He is OK with our rejoicing and sparkling like dew hit by the rising sun, and OK with our sorrows and pains that muddies our steps that we’ve carried over from yesterday.  He rejoices with us, He cleans up our muddy boots, He is our strength today.  


While we hope and dream each day, it can be hard to believe and trust, but the psalms are filed with his promises and the earth is filled with evidence of the fulfillment of these promises.  Despite the world bringing up desperate visions, it is with God, in His strength, that we can let go of the hardships and more easily accept the challenges and realities of today.  God is with us, so, scary things are not so scary; we have a shield and a defender who stands with us in the river of LIFE (joy, peace, love), not the river of death (that has been defeated).


God’s word reflection of Psalms 90 to 94, by His Spirit.