Psalm 109 – 113

David shows us that we can tell God the hard stuff; the depth of your hurt and shame, and the unflattering truth of our anger.  Give it all to God, then trust Him to deal with it as you thank Him for all he has done for you and all He will do for you.  Remember that He sent Jesus as He promised in Psalm 110 and trust that He will always keep His promises to you. 


So. Much. Praise.  How many ways can you tell God how good He is, has been and will be?  Easier to do when things are going well but could you do it in even the worst of circumstances?  David could – and did.  When he exalted God and extolled His virtues, he reminded himself of all the blessings that were available to him; honour, prosperity, freedom from fear, as long as he stayed mindful and acknowledged that God was the source of all wisdom.   Towards the end of Psalm 112, we are reminded that when we wholeheartedly trust in the Lord that He will provide and care for us, then all our other fears will fade away. 

God doesn’t care if you are rich or poor (Psalm 113).  He values us no matter our social standing, but by the status of our humble hearts and raises us out of our “dirt” and our needs and brings us into His glory.  Praise the Lord!