Psalm 114 – 117

Psalm 114 tells me that even mountains who are like rams (king of the sharp steep treacherous terrain) and lambs (who are like kings of the low sloping hills), that these mountains and hills, and ultimately us, tremble at the presence of the LORD. Psalm 115 continues on with that idols from others are no where near the match of the LORD. Idols cannot see, speak, touch, feel, hear, or trust. Only the LORD can do all of that. Idols may have hands and heads etc, but they are man made, but cannot do anything that the LORD can do but take up space. They cannot do what the LORD does and will do. Psalm 116 then continues on with the love of the LORD for all because it tells me that he hears and listens to me and alleves our afflictions. Even when we call others liars he allows us to take up the cup of salvation. AND Psalm 117 sums it all up with the “truth of the LORD endures forever.”