Psalm 129 – 134

Psalm 129 to 134 are part of the Song of Ascents. Collectively they remind me of the Lord’s Prayer for some reason. Not in content but in function. In the Lord’s Prayer I see a template on how Christians are to pray; exalt the Lord, remember you only need enough for today and forgive as you want to be forgiven, etc. This series of Psalms seems to me like a roadmap of how to live a Christian life from persevering through the hard things to living a life where I glorify God and receive his blessings.

In Psalm 129 the message is all about perseverance. God perseveres in his love for us but I must also persevere through all of life’s trials. Psalm 130 reminds me of the trials of Job crying out for help and mercy but the end message is to make my “life a prayer” and my suffering, although it is part of the human condition, will be turned to hope. This is the perfect reminder that I must wait and watch for our Lord to work in my life.

Psalm 131 is a reminder to cut away my personal ambitions and live in humility to become the “weaned child” in our Lord’s arms. My pride is sin and I reminded to maintain a quiet confidence in allowing Him to lead in my life.

Obedience is the theme for Psalm 132, a necessary ingredient to the Christian life. This Psalm begins with references to the Arc of the Covenant which reminds us collectively of our shared experiences and common roots. God is perfectly clear…if I am obedient He will bless me and provide for me. This topic is one that I am reflecting on intentionally so I love that this Psalm was one assigned to me. It confirms to me I am on the right path.

The last two Psalms 133 and 134 deal with community and blessing respectively. I am reminded that I MUST live in a Christian community, attend church and surround myself with others who share my beliefs if I am to be as whole and content as I can be. When I am in fellowship my life is rich and full and truly blessed. I should not ever live in isolation from my Christian family. When I follow the roadmap set before me is Psalm129-133 I can finally live in the message of Psalm 134…Blessing. “Lift your praising hands to the Holy Place, and bless God. In turn may God of Zion bless you.”

The road map is simple, persevere, have hope, be humble and obedient, live in community and receive His blessings. But I also know that as a flawed human these are things I will spend my life time learning as well!