Psalm 138 – 141

“When I was woven together…” These words from Psalm 139 make me realize that God is a true craftsman!

As I reflect on these 5 simple words, my mind turns toward the journey my wife… and I began roughly a year ago when we started a monthly quilting class together.  Up till now I suppose I had only thought of God (Jesus) as a carpenter who only worked with wood.  The Jesus I picture has strong, muscular hands and calluses from handling wood and working with tools.  On a deeper level, I now see Him as so much more than a carpenter.

The psalm says, “I was woven together”.  I don’t associate weaving with carpentry.  I wasn’t nailed together or glued together; I was woven.  Thru quilting, I can relate to the phrase “woven together”.  There is much time and effort coming up with a design, cutting fabric to exacting sizes and sewing the pieces together.  God must have gone through the same process with each one of us.  I doubt he was as nervous during the process as we were stitching together our first block.  I remember wondering if they would join to create perfectly pointed triangles.  There were moments of doubt and frustration, but also moments of joy and excitement too.  It wasn’t perfect but it is something we are proud of.  God must be proud of his creations too.

You become intimately connected with any project that takes time and effort.  “Quilting”, I now know, is the process of sewing the top of the quilt to the bottom and it usually has batting in between for added warmth.  We chose to use our sewing machine and a free motion technique to put our quilt together.  With free motion there is no pattern to follow so I struggled to keep my hands constantly moving and regulate the speed of the needle with my foot to achieve consistent stitch lengths.  Our lives are similar when we lose our focus on God and try to make our own path for our life.

We find quilting appealing as it decorative yet functional.   We both agree that once we finish our quilt, it will be used for its intended purpose and not lay idly draped over a chair or buried in a closet.  We too are to be used for the purpose we were created.  What is that purpose? How do we find out?

God must delight in His creation! Our lives are woven together thru scraps called life experiences, some pieces are colorful and light and others may be dark and heavy or textured, but each of these scraps makes up the quilt that is uniquely you.  No two quilts are alike!  Many quilts are started and may never be completed.  Are we as creations of God like partially completed quilts?  I believe we constantly need to be mended by the hands of the master craftsman… God?  He knows the design he has in mind for each one of us, because He sees the completed project!