John 18: 38 – 19: 12

The high priests and the Jews have handed Jesus over to Pilate.   They believe that Jesus is becoming too powerful and usurping their authority.    Under Jewish law, they cannot execute Him, so they want Pilate to find him guilty for saying He is the Son of God.

Pilate asks Jesus if He is a King and Jesus responds, He is, but not of this world. Jesus is speaking the truth — He is a King.  The soldiers beat Him and crown Him with a crown of thorns and robe Him in a purple robe.  Ironically, this vulgar mimicry speaks a profound truth.  A King is crowned.

Pilate cannot find a basis for a charge against Him but is weak and cannot stand up to the calls of the Jews in the crowd.  “Crucify Him, Crucify Him.”

Standing vulnerably before the rabble, scourged and humiliated, the man Jesus is King.  His truth and his witness to truth are our entrance into the Kingdom.