Meditation for Lent

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Meditation on Shrove Tuesday

The season of Lent – the Sundays and 40 weekdays of self-reflection and extra practicing of spiritual disciplines – begins this year, 2021, on 17 February. It is often observed by the administration of ashes, a sign of our mortality – but not this year, in a pandemic.


The day before Lent began, years ago, people would go to the parish church for their confession to be heard, and they would go on to receive Holy Communion on Ash Wednesday. The old English word for our sins to be forgiven is that they would be “shriven,” which is where we got the word “shrove” for “Shrove Tuesday.”


Since the season of Lent was often observed by giving up rich and fattening foods, people would often have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. This was a convenient way to use up the eggs and other cake ingredients.


As we approach another Lent, a strange Lent, we might ponder what God wants us to take in, and what to leave behind, this season. A pandemic is no surprise to him; but he is always acting for our welfare, for our greater good. What do we think he might be trying to tell us this season – and do we have open hearts to listen?…


Peter Armstrong