Curious Newcomer

Want to check out St. Brice’s?


What do we believe?

We believe the good news of Jesus can make a difference for everyone today.

We believe that, taken as a whole, its message of the Bible is good news for us today, and contains the core of what we believe.

Regardless of your age, stage, questions and doubts, you’re welcome here.


What can I expect on a typical Sunday at St. Brice’s?

Some people dress up. Some people do not. What we wear doesn’t matter.

Inside the front door, there is a place to hang up our coats, and usually there is someone there to welcome us. We are offered a piece of paper with announcements and an order of the worship service, and a book of prayers and devotions.

We can sit anywhere we like. Whether you are visiting or returning, we have a place for you.


What do you offer for kids?

There is a small nursery at the back of the church. Two members of the congregation will be available to take younger kids to another room nearby for lessons and crafts for part of the service time. There are also separate events for kids and families, called Messy Church (ask, for more information).


 How do we make a difference in our community?

We believe that, to show our love for Jesus, it is essential that we work together to make a positive difference in the world.


provide a weekly food bank,

feed students from a local high school weekly,

provide a meal program to isolated people (first Tuesday of the month)

participate in forums — such as a local organization for the relief of homelessness; some of us advocate for changes in society, such as to more effectively address addictions

many of us volunteer and contribute financially to many ministries (to help with literacy, to feed the hungry, to show care for seniors, for those in jail, in the annual winter coats drive, and help with local and global needs)

We cooperate highly with other local churches to engage with the local community.


Following the example of Jesus, our aim is not to show off, but to work quietly, humbly, and lovingly.

Would you like to stay in touch with us?

If you’d like to tell us, we’d like to know:

How did you hear about us? / What brought you here?